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There are lots of Dallas Advertising Agencies in the market place and many of them will promise you that they can land your website in the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, with key words centered around your brand.  However, how many of Dallas Fort Worth marketing companies can actually provide you with honest proof of their effectiveness? Brand To Market can and this page not only reflects some very impressive ranking results,  it also provides you with some information about Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the simple activity of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what your website is offering.  SEO is tedious, time consuming work carried out to increase the number, and more importantly, the quality of visitors to your website by making sure the website ranks in the search engines (Google etc.) for words and phrases related to what you are selling. If you build homes or have an insurance agency then you want to be on page 1 of Google, preferably number 1, when someone types in new home or insurance related search terms.  Sound simple enough? Unfortunately,  the explanation is the only thing simple about SEO, especially in highly competitive market places such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin,  San Antonio or Houston.

Brand To Market is great at providing 1st page rankings results in highly competitive market places, just look at our examples above and you will see for yourself.  However, we are also highly effective with landing 1st page rankings results on state, national and global levels, depending on your brands exposure needs.  Examples of the various levels are also reflected in our examples above.

Dallas SEO Companies are on every corner, but ask them to provide you with current examples of their Google search term ranking success and the crowd will probably dwindle quickly.  Brand To Market is a new Dallas Fort Worth SEO company, but our success at landing websites in the 1st page search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing date back to 2007.   Dallas is a highly competitive market place, regardless of what your type of business you are in, and landing 1st or 2nd page search engine results is no easy task.

Brand to Market has three SEO packages available as follows:

Our Basic SEO Package is perfect for simple WordPress websites and businesses operating in small town markets.  Implementing a basic SEO package on a basic WordPress website (5 to 8 page website) takes as much time to install as it takes to build the website, but without doing an SEO implementation on your website, you aren’t doing your brand much good.  We will design a basic SEO plan of action and implement multiple key words and phrases into the websites HTML, which helps get your website discovered. The basic SEO package will probably not get you 1st page search engine results (every brands dream), especially if your competition is massive, or you’re brand is based in a large metropolitan city like; Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, but it’s definitely much better than not having any SEO implementation at all. If your brand is located in a major city we recommend the mid-level package, or advanced SEO package (depending on the amount of pages your website features) to get your rankings where they’re effective and generating new leads.

Our Mid-Level SEO Package is designed for websites that have 8 to 12 pages.  The SEO implementation is more detailed than the basic SEO package. Each web page will have mapped out SEO implementation incorporated into it, as well as plugins added to your website that provide better SEO results. This package is ideal for brands in mid-size to large towns, but your website doesn’t have that many pages or pictures, as more advanced websites do.  Each page within your site will have its own SEO theme implemented into the visual content, and hidden content, with keywords centered on the specifics your business provides.

Our Advanced SEO Package is for websites that feature 12 to 18 pages.  This package includes everything that the Basic Package and Mid-Level Package includes, but more of each and with more pages to apply the implementation. Each page, including the visual content, the hidden content, and the pictures will have their very own SEO themes, with plug-in’s added and key words and Meta tags strategy implemented. Each page in your website becomes its own mini website, from an SEO stand point. This package also includes a one hour tweaking/editing session every month for the first 6 months after the package is implemented. Brand To Markets goal and mission with all of our packages is to land your website on the 1st page in Google, Yahoo and Bing because of the SEO package we install, and we highly recommend the advanced package if you’re serious about dramatically increasing your online presence.

One of our recent “Advanced Package” projects, Bryan Smith Homes  is now obtaining 1st page ranking results with one, or all of the Top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), when applying over 75 different popular key search terms, and phrases that was designed, and implemented into the brands website. Their highly competitive business is based in Dallas, but is now outranking most of their nationwide competitors, who spend a lot of their marketing budgets obtaining high SEO rankings. That is not the case when Brand To Market handles your website, in fact, our prices are well below the national average.

Another recent SEO project of ours is now up over 600% since the SEO was initiated, and it is now beginning to achieve 1st page results with some of their designated search terms. SEO Implementation is a process, not an instantaneous event, but it’s one of the very best things you can do for your brands online presence.


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